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    Apr. 08, 2023

    Intelligent identification Provide the maximum charging current allowed by device.Stop auto when fully charged. Overvoltage protection and short circuit protection.

  • matter2

    Apr. 01, 2023

    "Matter" is an open standard created through collaboration between companies like Google, Amazon, Apple, and the Zigbee Alliance. Its goal is to enable interoperability between smart home devices. How matter works and it can help us?

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    Aug. 08, 2021

    Zigbee has its own many advantages.Bingoelec Full Searies Zigbee Switch and Socket,  ready for sale! We have Zigbee switch without neutral wire,no need capacitor,Zigbee dimmer switch, Zigbee roller shutter switch, and Zigbee Smart wall socket,both EU/UK standard. 

  • 场景 白

    Mar. 01, 2018

    Bingoelec Wifi Smart socket ,Tuya APP, include UK, Eu/Europe different standards, come into market.It is wall mounted smart socket,16A, with on/off button to control the power, and power monitoring function, you can exactly know the power consumption of the electrical appliances. Welcome for order.

  • WIFI

    Jul. 08, 2016

    Bingoelec, following the trend of the times, has finally developed a complete set of WIFI switches including WiFi Switch with neutral wire,WiFi Switch without neutral wire, WiFi Dimmer,Wifi Curtain,20A WiFi,etc.

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