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Matter -The Future of Smart Home
Apr. 01, 2023

“Matter” is an open standard created through collaboration between companies like Google, Amazon, Apple, and the Zigbee Alliance. Its goal is to enable interoperability between smart home devices.


Matter achieves this by establishing a common communication protocol between devices, allowing them to recognize, communicate, and work together. The protocol is based on IP and internet standards, and uses various wireless technologies such as Thread, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth LE to connect different devices.


With Matter, devices from different brands such as Tuya,eWelink,Google,Amazon etc., can directly communicate and cooperate with each other without the need for additional bridges or central controllers. This enables the interconnection of everything in the smart home ecosystem, making it easier for consumers to add and control devices from different manufacturers, and allowing for greater flexibility and innovation in the development of smart home products.

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